UPDATE (December 6th): The MicroFIT application window will open on December 14th.

Finally, the OPA’s microFIT program is expected to start again processing applications. After a considerable hiatus, the program has been re-booted and is ready again to start issuing new conditional offers for microFIT contracts.

Ontario’s Minister of Energy released a directive to the OPA on November 23, 2012 to continue the microFIT program. The directive also touches on other issues related to ground mounted systems and constrained applicants. The entire directive can be read here.

The new program rules, discussed in an earlier post, will contain the new pricing schedule with rooftop solar priced at 55 cents per kWh.

While the new pricing is less than the initial 80.2 cents, it still represents a significant incentive. In addition, those acting quickly can take advantage of the decreased capital costs – the microFIT’s delay has caused a stockpile of equipment across the province.

Prospective proponents should always seek out a professional before engaging in a microFIT project. Call Graystone Environmental to get professional advice and ensure the success of your microFIT project. Contact Roxie Graystone at (613) 862-0551 or roxie.graystone@envconsult.ca.

Find out more about Graystone Environmental.


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