The new MicroFIT 2.0 rules were announced this week to the delight (and relief) of many in Ontario’s solar industry. Read all the new program documents here.

Here is a review of the new process:

1. Register

2. Submit an application

3. Application is reviewed and either ‘Terminated’ for incompleteness or, if complete, OPA will confirm caoacity under the remaining Annual Procurement Target. If there is capacity, the applicant’s status is sent to ‘Pending LDC Offer to Connect’. All applications not obtaining capacity by years end, will be terminated.

4. Applicant has 30 days to request a connection from the applicable LDC and 90 days after that must receive an offer to connect. The LDC communicates this to the OPA. After the 90 day limit is passed without an offer to connect, the application is terminated

5.  OPA will approve the application upon LDC confirmation that an offer to connect has been issued (and provided the application meets all MicroFIT requirements).

6. The applicant will have 180 days to install the project and obtain ESA approval, failing which the application will be terminated.

7. Applicant provides particulars of the project to the OPA and OPA offers a final contract if all requirements have been met.

Other than process, there are of course new prices for the various generation technologies. The prices were detailed in my March 29th post and can be found here.

For any questions or concerns with your MicroFIT project, contact Roxie Graystone at Graystone Environmental.


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