How many 20 year contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars do you sign without talking to a lawyer. The FIT and MicroFIT contracts are no different. Don’t be persuaded by the fact that these are standard form contract… so are mortgages.

Consulting the right lawyer before entering into these contracts or beginning these projects will give you the knowledge and security you need to make a successful investment in this very profitable renewable energy program. From buying the right technology and equipment to ensuring you know all your contractual rights and obligations, the right FIT or MicroFIT lawyer can be a solid, unbias advisor in what is turning out to be a very competitive and aggressive renewable energy market.

There are examples of MicroFIT applicants starting projects and incurring significant costs before they even have their contract in hand. There are even fears now that if a Conservative government were elected in November, they could claw back some or all of the contracts leaving project owners with litigation as their only recourse.

If you’re looking to set up a FIT and MicroFIT project, or if you’re concerned about the legal issues and risks associated with the FIT or MicroFIT contracts, call the MicroFIT lawyer.

Call Graystone Environmental for solid, informed and knowledgeable advice and consult on your renewable energy project.


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